Friday, March 20, 2020

Maintaining a healthy diet amidst a grueling college schedule

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Garry Y. Itkin knows all too well just how grueling the life of a college student can be. In a life where academics and socialization take up most of a student’s time, it’s probably hard to think of anything related to one’s health. However, Garry Y. Itkin believes otherwise.

Many students, in a hurry to finish everything they need to do, often grab the first meal they can and consume it in a flash. Most of the time, these meals don’t provide all the nutrition that the body needs to get it through the day. To counter this, Garry Y. Itkin shares a few tips to maintain a healthy diet in college.
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1. Perpetual breakfast: College students shouldn’t just take that cup of coffee and rush to their first class. The most important thing they should do when they wake up is to have breakfast, with coffee if they prefer. A good breakfast recharges the body after a night of not eating anything.

2. Advanced food preparation: There are countless recipes over the internet that a college student can prepare in a jiffy. Garry Y. Itkin urges college students to prepare healthy meals at night for the days ahead. Many of these meals can be stored in the ref and heated when needed.

Monday, March 9, 2020

The benefits of HIIT for the younger generation

Garry Y. Itkin has always been all about health and fitness, despite the immense demands of college life. In building and rebuilding his lifestyle to suit his hectic schedule, he considers a number of factors. One of the most important of these factors is time. For example, when it comes to fitness routines, oftentimes in terms of duration, shorter means better.

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This is why Garry Y. Itkin chooses and highly recommends high intensity interval training (HIIT) to his fellow college students. For the uninitiated, HIIT is an anaerobic workout routine that is comprised of compound movements designed to push a person to his limits in a short period of time. There are short intervals of rest as well between these high intensity sets. Simply put, HIIT puts in hours of exercise in a span of minutes.

Now, this has three benefits, as enumerated by Garry Y. Itkin below:
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  1. HIIT workouts are known to burn fat and calories like no other workout in town.
  2. HIIT workouts supercharge a person’s cardiovascular and respiratory systems, while also providing extreme strength training for the muscles and joints.
  3. HIIT workouts are incredibly time-efficient, leaving people with a lot of free time to do the things they need to do everywhere else.

However, Garry Y. Itkin suggests that people consult with their physicians first before trying out HIIT.